About Me

Welcome to the personal webpage of Hatem ElBidweihy, Ph.D.; multidisciplinary researcher and educator with theoretical and experimental expertise in magnetic coupled phenomena (magnetomechanical, magnetoelastic and magnetocaloric effects) appended with a solid electrical power systems background which broadly spans the areas of reliability, economics, policy development, high-voltage technology, renewable energy, smart grids, and applied electromagnetics.

My education and research have been quite interdisciplinary throughout my academic life. My BSc major is Electrical Power & Machines. My MSc coursework major is High Voltage Engineering. My MSc research and thesis topic is Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields. My PhD coursework major is Power and Renewable Energy. My PhD secondary research is Magnetic Refrigeration and Magnetocaloric Materials. My PhD primary research and dissertation topic is Magnetostriction Modeling and Stress-Induced Magnetization.

I enjoy looking at the world through the lenses of philosophy, skepticism, and free thinking.  I’m passionate about alternative teaching/schooling. I strongly believe that the ultimate goal of teaching is to help students discover methods for lifelong learning and develop the sense of responsibility to seek knowledge.

This website is designed, hosted and maintained by my dear friend, Zyad Sherif.