About Me

Welcome to the personal webpage of Hatem ElBidweihy, Ph.D.; multidisciplinary researcher and educator with theoretical and experimental expertise in magnetic coupled phenomena (magnetomechanical, magnetoelastic and magnetocaloric effects) appended with a solid electrical power systems background which broadly spans the areas of reliability, economics, policy development, high-voltage technology, renewable energy, smart grids, and applied electromagnetics.

  • BSc major: Electrical Power & Machines
  • MSc coursework focus: High-Voltage Engineering
  • MSc research and thesis topic: Human Exposure to Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields
  • PhD coursework focus: Power Systems and Renewable Energy
  • Doctoral research: Stress-induced magnetization, magnetostriction, and coupled magnetic phenomena (magnetocaloric, magnetoelastic, and magnetomechanical effects)
  • PhD dissertation: Measurements and modeling of the effects of external stimuli on the magnetic and magnetostrictive properties of high-strength steels